‘omnia architecture greengain’ urinals

saving water is becoming increasingly important. a 2.5-litre reduction in the amount of water used is kind to both the environment and the wallet.

villeroy & boch is developing solutions that promote the economical use of the available water resources:

the new ‘omnia architecture greengain’ sets new standards in terms of ecology and economy. a specially developed water-distribution system enables a new level of water-saving meanwhile the high flushing performance is maintained.

‘greengain’, thanks to the adjustment option, can be used with an economical 4.5 litres and also a conventional 6 litres of water

villeroy and boch: omnia architecture greengain

a DIN 90/80 drainage pipe is the only prerequisite for extremely economical flushing

in cooperation with viega, villeroy & boch has developed this water distribution system that, thanks to the coordinated technology of WC and frame system, enables a water saving of more than 40%.