‘vizio’ by flusscreativo

designed by italian studio flussocreativo, ‘vizio’ is a candle ashtray that consists of a paraffin wax body, with the wick positioned along the perimeter of the object within the central indentation. once started, the light takes a circular route, following the inner circumference of the candle in order to dissolve the paraffin and give the look of one who kidnapped by the enchantment of fire, stopped to observe its movement. during its hypnotic and suggestive run, the wick melts the wax forming a liquid pool able to hold ashes, foul odor and of course the butts. ‘vizio’ becomes an opportunity to enjoy the habit of a cigarette together, surrounded by a warm and friendly feel. we all agree, smoking is a habit that is harmful to the health, but for those who want the old pleasure of a cigarette, especially together, if you need a moment of relaxation and reflection, ‘vizio’ would be a useful tool.

vizio candle ashtray the wick wraps around the circumference of the candle / ashtray

vizio candle ashtray

vizio candle ashtray ‘vizio’ comes in a range of colors and can easily be stacked

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