the ‘ringO’ integrated holder and mounting system for tablets, by vogel’s

based around a tablet holder with a central aluminum ring, the modular ‘ringO‘ system by vogel’s combines device protection with an array of exchangeable stands and mounts, permitting easy viewing of the tablet.

designed to permit use of usb ports, cameras, and other buttons when attached, ‘ringO’ device holders are available for iPad, iPad 2 (while permitting use of apple’s magnetic screen cover), and samsung’s galaxy tab. the cases can be used on the back of the device to interface with other elements of the ‘ringO’ system, or placed over its front for safe transport.

the accessory mounts and stands that connect to the ‘ringO’ holders include the ‘wall mount’, which screws into the wall to hang a tablet for easy viewing; ‘flex mount’, which attaches to a wall but offers full tilt and swivel to offer a range of viewing positions for the devices; ‘car mount’, which docks the tablet to the headrest of a carseat, permitting second-row passengers to use it as a screen; and ‘adhesive mount’, which functions like the wall mount but uses a strong adhesive rather than screws to stick to any unpainted, oil-free surface.

a ‘table stand’ offers a stand for either portrait or landscape viewing, and a ‘flip stand’ of similar design to apple’s screen cover combines screen protection when not in use, or several viewing angles when folded back.

vogel's: ringO iPad mounting system full view of ‘flex mount’

video demonstration of the ‘ringO’ car mount

vogel's: ringO iPad mounting system depiction of the ‘wall mount’

vogel's: ringO iPad mounting system detail on central connector ring

wall times‘, a free iPad application, offers a simple way to transform the iPad into a multi-city wall clock, kitchen timer, or alarm clock.

the starter pack, which includes a device case and wall mount, is set to retail for 70 USD, with additional mounts sold individually. vogel’s has plans to produce ‘ringO’ adaptors for additional tablets in the future.

vogel's: ringO iPad mounting system example use

trailer for the ‘ringO’ system

via cnet