for the opening of their third gastronomic proposal, the voltereta group commissioned vitamin studio to generate a concept based on an interactive video mapping experience with a single purpose: taking diners on a great trip that will become an unforgettable experience. for this project, vitamin studio created a three-dimensional time warp for their new restaurant in valencia city, spain.

vitamin studios three dimensional time warp 1
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vitamin studio is a creative practice based in valencia, with experience in the artistic and technological world, with an approach to new technologies that allow users to be participants and main characters in a personalized and dynamic way. for the new restaurant voltereta bienvenido a manhattan, they were inspired by the 1920s speakeasy era in new york city where bars served alcoholic beverages illegally and places were camouflaged under the façades of other businesses, functioning almost like private clubs far from the eyes of the authorities.

vitamin studios three dimensional time warp 2



inspired by this era, voltereta bienvenido a manhattan welcomes the public with a cover façade camouflaged as a record and book store. an exterior that does not give away their real purpose and the experience that guests are about to live, similar to what the americans experienced in 1920. upon entering the establishment, customers are received by a host who invites them to take a quiz test where each person has the opportunity to interact by answering a question.



vitamin studio created an interactive aerial book, an installation that, through video mapping, projects questions on an open book where clients respond through laser object detection sensors, without touching anything. each answer in the interactive book modifies the story that is told, in terms of colors and speed, so that each group of people is responsible for creating their unique experience as soon as they arrive at the restaurant.

vitamin studios three dimensional time warp 3



from here, a hidden door opens leading to an immersive room that acts as a large three-dimensional time tunnel made up of 420 3-meter strips with 20 LEDs each. when the door is closed, the immersive experience begins, controlling the 8400 LEDs producing light and sound visuals that create a unique experience for each group of clients.

vitamin studios three dimensional time warp 4



vitamin studio began the installation almost a year before the opening and complied with the health recommendations of the who and national authorities regarding the current state of the pandemic. both the experience made by the vitamin team and the restaurant’s operations are adapted and focused on conforming with health standards and include social distancing.

this restaurant's three-dimensional time warp gives diners an unforgettable experience in spain

this restaurant's three-dimensional time warp gives diners an unforgettable experience in spain

this restaurant's three-dimensional time warp gives diners an unforgettable experience in spain



project info:


name: vitamin studio x voltereta

designer: vitamin studio

location: calle isabel la católica 11, valencia, spain


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