vorwerk flooring’s acoustic-tile system offers almost limitless combination possibilities, while its online configurator makes the creation of room concepts clear and uncomplicated.

vorwerk flooring's acoustic tile system mimics nature to lay free-form shapes
floor designs with the free-form tile tie present a visual highlight through the combination of structures and colors, and fulfil demands for both the highest quality and sustainability in equal measure



in attempting to make sense of the world, it is a natural human tendency to recognize patterns and search for structure. for centuries, this has given rise to ever new formulas, norms and ideologies, which are used as the basis for developing fixed systems of order. in architecture, too, there are numerous examples of theories being used to guide creativity into systematic channels: from vitruvius’ scheme of measurements to jean-nicolas-louis durand’s rational modular grid to ernst neufert’s theory of building design.


while every theory has its critics, nature remains unsurpassed as the consummate producer of patterns and forms. despite the boundless diversity in flora and fauna, the principles of symmetry and mathematical logic dominate the design of flowers, animal skins and natural phenomena – without ever leading to boredom. repetition and regularity provide a comforting familiarity and have a relaxing effect on us.

vorwerk flooring's acoustic tile system mimics nature to lay free-form shapes
carpet tiles from vorwerk flooring, as with the free-form tile crystal shown here, can withstand even extreme stress levels – without losing their shape



to open up the possibilities of nature for the design of floors, vorwerk flooring has developed an acoustic tile system that offers a wide variety of free-form shapes, in addition to standard geometric formats. combined with a diverse selection of element sizes, installation patterns, colors, pile types and quality levels, the acoustic tiles not only regulate sound levels but also imbue interiors with individual character and atmospheric appeal.


the company’s practical online configurator guides users through all the options step by step, visualizing the user’s selection with room simulation, supporting clear concept development and helping to optimize the planning process. the tool has side-by-side viewing functionality for direct comparison of different samples, as well as a quantity planner and cost calculator. and when all is done, the file with the chosen options can be used for customer presentations.

vorwerk flooring's acoustic tile system mimics nature to lay free-form shapes
vorwerk flooring takes great care in developing acoustic tiles that make a long-term impression – for their range of colors, varied shapes and diversity of surfaces



from the introduction of affordable floor coverings back in 1883 when the story first began to the plush home carpets of the 1950s; from the development of ecological coatings in the mid-1990s to the first free-form carpet tile ten years ago which laid the foundation for the current universal system – for more than 130 years, vorwerk flooring has been demonstrating how carpet innovations can anticipate market demand.


the free-form shapes employ nature as a model. flake translates the harmony and balance of gingko tree leaves into acoustic tile shapes, while the wave tiles simulate ripples on the water. in addition to classic geometric forms such as rectangles, circles and triangles, tie proves that unconventional shapes can also generate natural rhythms.

vorwerk flooring's acoustic tile system mimics nature to lay free-form shapes
with his designs, multi-award-winning designer hadi teherani focuses on clarity of form and sustainable functionality to enhance people’s feeling of joie de vivre



crystal, by architect and designer hadi teherani, delivers a particular highlight of the vorwerk range, offering an unusual format for the design of floor surfaces with kaleidoscope effects. depending on the choice of color and installation, it achieves a range of impressions, from the subtle to the more dramatic, bold and futuristic.

vorwerk flooring's acoustic tile system mimics nature to lay free-form shapes

vorwerk flooring's acoustic tile system mimics nature to lay free-form shapes
with the free-form tile crystal, hadi teherani enables room planners to set strong accents or to create a relaxed ambience with subdued colors



the hotel-kompetenz-zentrum in munich, an independent information center and event platform for the hospitality industry, recommends crystal as an ideal floor covering for contract settings. they describe a floor covering that is ‘timelessly elegant in its design’ which, in addition to offering comfort as well as creative versatility to the designer, has the kind of inviting appeal that gives hotels a more home-like ambience.

vorwerk flooring's acoustic tile system mimics nature to lay free-form shapes

vorwerk flooring's acoustic tile system mimics nature to lay free-form shapes
the münchner hotel-kompetenz-zentrum relies on the crystal rangefor large spaces. the allergy-friendly acoustic tiles from vorwerk flooring also offer acoustic benefits so are a perfect floor covering for hotels



in order to demonstrate the advantages of the acoustic tiles to architects, planners and hoteliers, crystal was installed in the restaurant area of the hotel-kompetenz-zentrum itself, where the complex design schemes and harmonious compositions enabled by vorwerk flooring’s sustainable collections can be experienced first-hand and evaluated directly.


along with their distinctive aesthetic, the acoustic tiles also embody modern values in relation to both sustainability and health. they are environmentally friendly, robust, odourless and free of bitumen and PVC. they effectively reduce impact sound and absorb reverberations and so provide benefit to the ears as well as the eyes. in addition, a high level of fine dust suppression improves air quality, meaning good news for allergy sufferers.


whether in public buildings, catering venues or even health care facilities, the free-form acoustic tiles offer a diverse range of application possibilities. vorwerk flooring’s different carpet elements create original floors, whether subtle monochrome designs or more strikingly eye-catching ones, and with a selection of nine free-form shapes, present architects and designers with boundless scope for contract sector creativity.



guest feature by mareile morawietz / architonic