the tokyo we+ studio, specialized in contemporary design, created the ‘cuddle’ — a lighting system that captures and reflects light through drops of water like morning dew. using NOSTRA, a super-hydrophilic coating developed by mitsui chemicals, we+ creates regularly spaced water droplets on the surface of a board, expressing the fragility and tension of a water droplet formed at the tip of a leaf.

we+ cuddle  shimmering  droplets designboom
cuddle is a lighting system that captures and reflects light
all images © masayuki hayashi



by controlling the shape of the water, which is inherently difficult to manage, cuddle creates unique expressions of water, light and shadow. as breeze blows across the water droplets, they sparkle, and shadows cast by the light shimmer as if given the breath of life.

we+ cuddle  shimmering  droplets designboom
cuddle creates shimmering light and shadow through the water


we+ cuddle  shimmering  droplets designboom
details of the surface



project info:


we+ team: hokuto ando & toshiya hayashi
materials: acrylic resin, NOSTRA by mitsui chemicals, LED, stainless steel, and wire
photography: masayuki hayashi


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