werner aisslinger brings elementary shapes for vorwerk to domotex 2015
werner aisslinger
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werner aisslinger re-interprets the traditional fitted area floor coverings with his ‘elementary shapes’ for vorwerk flooring. the collection combines free-form carpet tiles to create larger rug islands and runners that set deliberate accents. six combinable primary geometric shapes (four end components and two rectangular connecting units) enable a range of possible combinations, in a variety of colours and carpet structures. designboom spoke with the german designer at DOMOTEX 2015 – the flagship fair for carpets and floor coverings, held in hannover, germany to discuss the concept behind his flooring scheme.



werner aisslinger on the development of ‘elementary shapes’
video © designboom


werner aisslinger vorwerk designboom
‘elements’ set 1




‘architecture nowadays is still kind of cool and functional, so I feel that there is a need of warmth and comfortable elements. bookshelves are vanishing from homes because in this digital world less storage space is needed. shelf structures are absorbing acoustics, so if you end up having plain walls, you need other elements to give acoustic quality to the space.’werner aisslinger

werner aisslinger vorwerk designboom
detail of ‘elements’ set 1 shows the felt partition between the units




the individual units are joined via coloured partitioning strips made of woolen felt presented in typically bright, luminous hues. the graphic textile feel of ‘elementary shapes’ allows a sense of cosiness, warmth and comfort to arise in a cool architectural surrounding.

werner aisslinger vorwerk designboom
the partitioning strips are also available in bright, luminous hues




the colour combinations typical of aisslinger’s projects are pointedly expressive:
• curry yellow combined with midnight and sky blue
• aqua together with fir green and a luminous red accent
• beige together with various shades of green
• berry hues and signal red
• kiwi green with luminous blue stripes

‘elements’ set 7 (consisting of 6 units)





the variability of the carpet’s lengths makes it well suited for accentuating fixed room sizes, as well as open areas. measuring one metre wide and spanning a length of up to 11 metres, the floor coverings formed from ‘elements’ can give even long hallways an appealingly fresh look displaying a gradation of both tones and textures — a new interpretation of the classic runner. the slip-resistant backing prevents the rug from shifting its position.

‘mito’ (small) blue / elara




the free-form area rugs entitled ‘mito’ and ‘leaf’ constitute another segment of ‘elementary shapes’. ‘mito’, a rounded, curved triangle, and the eponymous ‘leaf’ devote themselves to accenting ‘homey’ islands at a business site and provide creative solutions for creating more pleasing spatial atmospheres in communal areas such as lounges, lobbies and meeting sectors.

detail of the mito / elara





the component units are based on the basic geometric shapes square, circle, triangle and trapezoid.


individualized combinations

the range includes all the shapes along with their respective colors and structures. a maximum of eleven single ‘elements’ can be connected per runner.


7 sets of ‘elements’