wet-free unnurella umbrella uses remarkably high-dense fabric
images coutesy of doogdesign




as raindrops drip from an umbrella and leave its surroundings, such as a house or shop, wet, the water-free ‘unnurella’ shows how much easier life would if it the product stayed dry. designed by kazuya koike of doogdesign and produced by world party inc., the wet-free umbrella has a remarkably high-dense fabric which has the highest attainable level in water repellency tests set by the japanese industrial standards. the light and smooth material developed in collaboration with komatsu seiren, repels 99% of ultraviolet rays without any additional UV protective coating as well. overtime, this fabric will begin to weaken due to raindrops, dust, cosmetic substances and sebum from the user’s hands. however, being durable to heat, an effective way to maintain it is to regularly rinse the surface and then apply heat to its backside with an iron.


comparison between a regular umbrella and then their apparatus


wrap the umbrella with its original transparent cylindrical package


the folding version


the long umbrella


it also maintains a stable posture, making it very easy to lean up against a wall


antislip material is used for the handle and at the end of the umbrella


the high-dense fabric achieved the highest attainable level in water repellency tests


hot air can help maintain the fabric’s water-resistance


their product (left) verses a regularly one (right)


the eight color options in the long version


the line of color choices, folded up and wrapped




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