‘crono’ in brown and beige by wewood images courtesy of wewood

wewood timepieces, based in los angeles but originally from florence, italy, has designed ‘date’ and ‘crono’, two collections of watches that are made from natural wood. free of artificial and toxic materials, the pieces are crafted using various hardwoods such as red wing celtis, ebony, maple and guaiaco and state-of-the-art miyota movements.

wewood: date + crono (left) ‘crono’ chronograph watch in black made from ebony (right) ‘crono’ watch in army made from guaiaco wood

utilizing scrap material from flooring, the watches represent a commitment to sustainability and a collaboration between multiple skilled specialists who have precisely crafted and finished the objects.

to further expand on their environmental initiatives, wewood works in partnership with american forests with a commitment to plant one tree for every watched purchased.

wewood: date + crono (left) ‘date’ analogue watch in army made from guaiaco wood(right) ‘date’ watch in beige made from maple

wewood: date + crono (left) ‘date’ watch in black made from ebony(right) ‘date’ watch in brown made from red wing celtis wood