during maison & objet 2010, young italian company whomade presented a collections of objects which utilize different low-tech techniques belonging to local industries. whomade elaborates on everyday design objects and small furniture, re-inventing their shapes.

capela light table

the gnarlo collection is comprised of lamps, stools, coat-stands, trays and vases. the pieces are made in the valleys of the alpine mountains of lombardia, in the ancient furnaces of iron workshops. the collection turns traditional pots for roasting chestnuts and frying pans belonging to the local country culture, upside down in which the table top takes its shape, forming the lampshade as well the seat of comfortable rocking stool.

whomade: 'fractal' and 'gnaro' phons lamps

whomade: 'fractal' and 'gnaro' tacapagn coat rack

whomade: 'fractal' and 'gnaro' ott trays

whomade: 'fractal' and 'gnaro' padela rocking stool designed by edoardo perri and dario riva, crafted by uberto gnaro – metal works

whomade: 'fractal' and 'gnaro' luz rais lamps

luz raiz lamps are part of a set of fractal objects. they are mobile, suspended lamps, adjustable with counterweight. the form draws on coral growth. the object also functions as a place in which to hang photos due to magnetic terminals.

whomade: 'fractal' and 'gnaro'

whomade: 'fractal' and 'gnaro' designed by edoardo perri and crafted by luca brenna, metal works

whomade: 'fractal' and 'gnaro' arbol clothes hangers which hang down from the ceiling or wall