whoopdeedoo bike ramps by greg papoveall images courtesy conrad brown and bob kronbauer



canadian designer greg papove has launched his latest project in vancouver, BC, entitled ‘whoopdeedoo’. by breaking the daily routine of commuter cycling in a fun and spontaneous way, papove implements a series of ramps onto a pre-existing bike path, creating a sense of destination for two-wheeled transportation. as vancouver’s 2040 transportation plan encourages citizens to use multiple forms of transportation to reduce vehicle traffic, the ‘whoopdeedoo’ project promotes cycling as a fun and alternative form of traveling with bikes. conceived with bright aesthetic graphic elements, the ramp – alongside clever posters and safety signage designed by claire balderston – catches the attention of both cyclists and drivers who can see it from the road. when approaching the obstacle, flags offer an element of safety by providing the feeling of side walls when rolling over, keeping users centered and away from the edges. the project was made possible by a grant from pennysmash with help from vancouverisawesome.



greg papove: whoopdeedoo bike ramps whoopdeedoo bike ramp in context



greg papove: whoopdeedoo bike ramps whoopdeedoo in use



greg papove: whoopdeedoo bike ramps whoopdeedoo in use



greg papove: whoopdeedoo bike rampssignage for promoting the event



greg papove: whoopdeedoo bike rampsposters placed throughout the city



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