'wing' by wa chu 'seoul cycle design' competition shortlist revealed
'wing' by wa chu   'seoul cycle design' competition shortlist revealed
sep 14, 2010

'wing' by wa chu 'seoul cycle design' competition shortlist revealed

‘wing’ by wa chu

‘wing’ by wa chu from singapore is one of the shortlisted design entries from more than 3000 participants in our recent designboom competition, ‘seoul cycle design competition 2010‘, organized in collaboration with seoul design foundation.

designer’s own words: ‘the ‘wing’ encourages more people to take up cycling by improving the safety and social status of cyclists.

1.(enhance cyclist’s safety) each ‘wing’ makes a cyclist 200% more visible on the road. higher visibility of cyclist enhances their safety. the perceived number of cyclists in seoul can be tripled overnight by the ‘wing’. there is safety in numbers!

2.(improve social status of cyclists) the air cleaning function of ‘wing’ turns cycling into an air-cleaning act. it helps to earn cyclists the respect from drivers. due to their contribution to a cleaner environment, cyclists earn the right to use the road, even though they may not be paying road tax or other related charges.

3.(conclusion) the ‘wing’ is intended to be a part of seoul’s city-wide effort to improve its design brand and image. it will contribute to establishing a healthier cycling culture through enhanced cyclist safety and social status.’

'wing' by wa chu   'seoul cycle design' competition shortlist revealed cross-section of ‘wing’'wing' by wa chu   'seoul cycle design' competition shortlist revealed drivers’ perception of cyclists before ‘wing’'wing' by wa chu   'seoul cycle design' competition shortlist revealed drivers’ perception of cyclists after ‘wing’'wing' by wa chu   'seoul cycle design' competition shortlist revealed

— for those who wish to republish an excerpt of this article, please have the courtesy to mention that the project is a part of the seoul cycle design competition, organized by designboom in collaboration with seoul design foundation, and link back to the original publication on designboom. thank you.

  • I’m afraid I have to agree with the dissenters here. In my city, I suspect all those bags would do would antagonize gas-burners. Once they figured out that they can get past by touching or bumping the wings, it would become a question of how much can they tag without “hitting” the cyclist, rather than how much space they need to yield to get around the bags.
    The wings themselves look to be hollow, so there would be very little drag, I think, and promoting the notion that a cyclist deserves a safety margin of space is a good idea, but I don’t think this concept is the solution to the problem.

  • definitely some scope for E.T.-style flying pushbikes in high winds.

    Makes cyclists 200% more visible as they are in tangled heaps all over the road due to wing-related accidents.

  • Great idea!! What if the driver is careless or that day is windy?

  • why not make an airfoil design incorporating the “air cleaning” feature so that at a set speed… maybe 15mph, you actually start to lift-off. Then car drivers won’t have to worry about you. The biker’s worry then is how to stay afloat and fly the “bikeplane”and safely land. 😀

  • In principle, being noticed is a good idea. In practice, wind resistance is a P.I.T.A.
    On top of this, one should remember that us humans are not very good with regards to perception/compensation of attached objects outside our immediate field of view. Indeed, even objects attached to us in our peripheral vision can be difficult to compensate for. Add the mayhem of a city, and you have in all likelihood, the recipe for further accidents.

  • One thing that I like about this is that the drivers will definitely notice you. I see this idea more as a protest from the bikers calling for more attention! there is way too many accidents out there, which can be avoided just by driving more carefully. Not so sure about the pollution part though.

  • Haphazard execution but a daring start? I feel that after a few iterations, the design–in terms of both looks and function–could be on to something kind of original.

  • stupid idea. want to clean the air?… unless you can convince 100% of the population to ditch their cars and start riding bikes the next best solution is ending use of fossil fuels and developing alternative fuel.

  • the wind is the worst enemy of an ciclist (it consume 80% of the effort) so…i am sure the person who made the design know nothing really nothing about bikes.

    fernando claro
  • this makes the person look like a complete retard on the road, in addition to causing the person to fall more easily when the wind is fairly strong.

    i think the motivations behind it is valid though. an extended “flap” (or wing, in this case) could really help in getting cars to keep their distance away from the bicycles so they don’t crash.


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