woody skateboards repurpose urban wood for sustainable shredding
all photos courtesy of woody skateboards




the old skool cruiser skateboard returns skating to the authentic DIY, ‘one with nature roots,‘ that has largely been absent with the mass commercialization of the skate industry. woody skateboards repurposes wood from trees felled for city renewal in amsterdam and ultrecht. each board comes with certificate detailing the timber’s origin, age, species and exact location from which it was sourced. wood from urban environments takes on its own specific characteristics which is revealed in the shape of the boards. each board is bespoke to the material employed which ranges from elm, ash, cherry or oak. furthermore, the works were hand-shaped no more than 5 kilometers from its original location while employing CNC milled patterns for the grip.



the brand prides its self on authenticity and high performance

woody skateboard designboom1
by employing a CNC router complex geometric patterns can be created

woody skateboard designboom3
the grain of the wood is highlight in each work to reveal its natural and authentic history

 woody skateboard designboom4  
the amsterdam ash cruiser offers a superb ride due to high quality components

woody skateboard designboom5
notice the cherry wood inlay

woody skateboard designboom8
each board is handmade allowing for unparalleled attention to detail




edited by: trevor reed | designboom


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