‘my sweets’ chocolate bar with varying percentages of chocolate

designer tithi kutchamuch exhibited a number of items at this year’s designersblock in london, including a set of ceramic tea cups at designboom’s ‘handled with care’ exhibition. she also featured an eco-friendly garden table at rca’s ‘slow water’ exhibit. the table captures rain water in a jug to be used on plants and flowers.

her work also includes ‘my sweets’, a set of candies that are designed to discourage over-consumption. for example, the chocolate bar comes with less chocolate than it could, forcing the buyer to consume less.

works by tithi kutchamuch

‘my sweets’ valentine’s day chocolate with 20% less chocolate

works by tithi kutchamucheco-friendly, water capturing, garden table

works by tithi kutchamuch ‘meat factory’ a new design for meat packaging encouraging us to consume more than a single cut of meat.