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world’s first foldable camping cabin can fit on tesla cybertruck for portable off-grid lodging

Foldable truck bed for tesla cybertruck is underway


Camp365 is not new to the creative camping game. Before, they developed a tiny trailer that transformed into a 100-square-foot cabin in under 9 minutes. This time, the all-new foldable camping cabin ‘T Model’ may be the world’s first foldable cabin that can easily fit Tesla’s Cybertruck, electric vehicles, and pickup cars with its spacious area and workspace. The trailer maker says that it can accommodate up to four adults, even with a height of 6.8 inches. If guests are invited, Camp365 believes that the truck bed can host up to 12 people inside (but they should all be standing and mingling).


The exterior design resembles a pyramidic casket, but the triangular shape helps unveil and set up the spacious cabin while saving storage space. However, the trailer maker has yet to show, since they are in their prototype-making stage, how the unfolding takes place. The all-season, off-grid family cabin gets an aerodynamic design for minimal drag and maximum range, and its space-saving size means that the campers can still bring their electric bikes, kayaks, or paddle boards with them since Camp365’s foldable camping cabin has toy racks.

world first foldable camping cabin camp365
images by Camp365



Camp365 to create world’s first foldable camping cabin


Camp365 likes to call its T Model the world’s first folding camping cabin engineered for ½-ton pickup beds. Its modular design and amenities may signal that the quaint cabin can travel anywhere and accommodate the trip, the family size, or the time of year. Everything seems foldable inside the T model. As the campers step inside, they can tailor the interior to how they want it and even add foldable bunk beds if they prefer those over a queen-sized bed.


The floor of the T Model opens up too, so the campers can have extra internal and dry storage to put their objects in. Camp365 says that it is possible to fit a shower with a sink and faucet either inside or outside the world’s first foldable camping cabin, and its portable water purification and carbon filtration system means the campers can take a bath with clean water. Nomad workers might find the foldable camping cabin a work haven since they can also transform the interior into their personal workspace.

world first foldable camping cabin camp365
Camp365 plans to create the world’s first foldable camping cabin with T Model



All-season off-grid working and camping using insulation


If campers want to work inside Camp365’s T Model, they might need to bring their own WiFi connectivity, but the trailer maker says that the foldable camping cabin may be equipped with a WiFi booster to help upgrade the connection speed. Four charging ports and two electric outlets are installed in the cabin, and for clean off-grid camping and traveling, the T Model is solar-ready with an optional solar panel that can also be folded and installed outside to power up the inside.


Camp365 claims that the T Model is easy to set up and take down with its patented lift assist technology. It plans to put on a dual-layer air gap insulation for the electric heater and air conditioner inside the cabin so the campers can use it all year. Large screened windows are hung too for airflow, and two side awnings shelter the campers on rainy days. An element to look into may be that the equipment and furniture of the campers must all be foldable and removable to fully enjoy the cabin. As of publishing the story, Camp365 says that its world’s first foldable camping cabin is set to go into production by the summer of 2024.

world first foldable camping cabin camp365
it fits in the pickup truck beds and can be stored in the garage after use

world first foldable camping cabin camp365
the trailer maker says it can sleep up to four adults and accommodate 12 standing people


inside the dubbed world’s first foldable camping cabin by Camp365

world first foldable camping cabin camp365
the campers can even create their own workspace

world first foldable camping cabin camp365
the floor can open up to the vehicle’s truck bed for extra dry storage


the production begins by the summer of 2024


project info:


name: T Model

company: Camp365

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