yabu pushelberg presents rational x intuitive at NY design week 2014
‘park place’ bar stool for 2014 avenue road collection (above)





coinciding with NYCxDESIGN and ICFF 2014, yabu pushelberg presented their pop-up exhibition ‘rational x intuitive’, marking the first survey of the firm’s furniture and object design. the collection relates to a larger audience rather than the luxury environment george yabu and glenn pushelberg’s practice is noted for, such as collaborations with ian schrager, four seasons hotels & resorts, barneys, and park hyatt. glenn pushelberg furthers, ‘people often have the impression that we only do really high-end work..our furniture design practice stems from a more personal place than our interiors practice, because the furniture collections are not designed for a specific client. so, the results reflect of our multi-faceted personalities. this gives us the change to explore and develop ideas we might not delve into otherwise.’ a more inviting and personal arrangement of spaces was considered for their works represented at the event.

detail of the bronze ‘park place’ bar stool





the exhibition included collections for stellar works and pampaloni, in addition to recent collaborations with avenue road, the rug company, and van rossum. for each of these companies, careful consideration in the process and intent of the series was considered. for example in, ‘sea creature & man made’ for pampaloni, tabletop items take influence from silver at a liquid state and therefore are have organic forms, much like water. be-spoke-like design is a continued theme throughout the galleries as each piece can stand on its own.yp_rational_intuitive_designboom02
the progression of spaces blend into each other but each have an individual character




three icons: a hand, an eye, and perfect circle are a motif in the furniture of the ‘BLINK’ collection. the patterns and shapes symbolize a more human approach in the consideration of the built environment. the circular shapes are suggest a person’s mouth.yabu pushelberg presents rational x intuitive at NY design week 2014
pieces from the ‘BLINK’ collection for stellar works


yabu pushelberg presents rational x intuitive at NY design week 2014
upper exhibition space





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