yahoo unveils brand new logo design
images courtesy of yahoo




one month after introducing the news about a brand update, yahoo has just unveiled a new logo design on their homepage, reflecting a spirit of innovation while maintaining the essence of the brand. the mega web company wanted to stay true to their roots and their fun, vibrant, and welcoming image. the revamped version keeps their chroma characteristic purple, signature exclamation point, and double ‘o’ that seem to yodel, while replacing the serif-based letters with a contemporary sans-serif typeface. the release follows a 30 day campaign, in which they displayed a unique variation of the yahoo signature on their homepage — a teaser to the final brand design. the change marks first major redesign since 1995.


the video below illustrates the craft behind the new logo design: 


our new logo!
video courtesy of yahoo



yahoo unveils brand new logo design
the old yahoo logo above the new, revamped brand image