graphic designer turns WWF panda icon into other endangered species
all images courtesy of yana makarevich




in an effort to illustrate the true extent of the endangered species crisis, belarus-based designer yana makarevich has realized the ‘not just a panda campaign’ to graphically play with the world wildlife fund’s iconic identity. makarevich has digitally transformed the WWF‘s instantly-recognizable black and white panda logo into three other endangered animals: the mountain gorilla, galapagos penguin and the madagascar tortoise. each of the shapes and lines in the original mark have been used, dynamically and fluidly turning one species into another. the project is an expression of makarevich’s belief that the WWF can further communicate its mission to the public through design — ‘the panda logo is well known all over the world and speaks volumes about the organization,’ she says. ‘I believe that we could say more through the logo.’

the original black and white panda logo mark has been turned into the endangered galapagos penguin

the mountain gorilla takes its shape directly from the form of the panda 

a panda becomes a madagascar tortoise, illustrating the adaptability of the WWF mark 

stationary and letterheads were created with each of the three added species 

a sticker on the edge of the stationary allows writers to form their own animal with the shapes 

the stickers have been rearranged into the shape of the endangered gorilla