the yerka project bicycle detracts thieves thanks to its locking frame
images courtesy of yerka project




developed by three chilean engineering students; juan josé monsalve, andrés roi and cristóbal cabello, the ‘yerka‘ project maintains the design of an urban bike yet incorporates a closing frame device to improve security. to thieves, every lock can be broken whilst leaving the bicycle intact, the creators have a strong clamp out of the velocipede’s  frame. this means that the only way to steal it is to break the lock and thus the two-wheeler completely. no more will you have to carry around a padlock as the yerka tech uses the bike’s body as the securing measure, taking less than 20 seconds to set-up.

the large lock can fix to large objects as well as bike racks




‘we are 3 engineering students, that being victims of the theft of our bicycles, decided to develop a technology that prevents this.’ said juan, andres and cristobal, ‘today we continue to develop this project, which we believe will be a huge help for all of you, bike enthusiasts.’ as the ‘yerka’ project has done, using the frame as a locking mechanism makes for a safer and more secure cycling experience.


a demonstration of how the ‘yerka’ functions and rides
video courtesy of yerka project




side on view of the bicycle