continuous function by yet/matilde

torino-based design studio yet/matilde have sent designboom images of their latest project ‘continuous function’. through an expressive and technological investigation path exploring the three-dimensional potential of textiles, the series exploits the use of fashion’s material properties. going beyond the traditional discontinuity differentiations of elements and processes in a product, the project expresses and creates a new relation with space with unconventional elements and production methods.

the pieces of furniture are created using different layers of jute, kept together by epoxy resin which are painted on every layer. the external part of the object is first made to create the outline, then internal additions give strength to the piece creating holes and pockets which can be used to temporarily store other objects.

yet/matilde: continuous function ‘continuous function’ product view

yet/matilde: continuous function ‘continuous function’ series arrangement

yet/matilde: continuous function ‘continuous function’ detail view

yet/matilde: continuous function material process detail

yet/matilde: continuous functionfibre detail

yet/matilde: continuous function manufacturing process

yet/matilde: continuous function sketches