sofa made of hand woven bamboo balls by kevin chou all images courtesy of yii



introduced to the public and press last year, yii a design brand initiated by the taiwan craft research institute, with creative director gijs bakker, co-founder of droog, presents a new collection at milan design week 2011.


the exhibition entitled ‘street life’ shows at the triennale di milano bringing out new concepts by both taiwanese and international designers who are exploring the synergy between crafts and design, with a focus on the culture of taiwan through everyday life. they investigate the daily street rituals of the east asian country, translating them into design objects utilizing skilled craft techniques. yii at milan design week 2011 front view



taiwainese designers reflect on their ideas of daily life through objects like porcelain crockery shaped like disposable fast-food plates, a mirror frame made from motorcycles, a sofa that consists of 999 hand-woven bamboo balls and a lantern that can be used both indoors and outdoors.



in contrast, yii has invited several international designers who will demonstrate their interpretations of taiwanese culture through the context of their own distinctive style. on the occasion of milan design week 2011 the ’43 chair’ by munich-based designer konstantin grcic  and a new chair by japanese studio nendo are shown, in which the technique of bamboo weaving  is been applied to the material of steel.



yii at milan design week 2011 ‘loop chair’ by idee liu



yii at milan design week 2011 ‘the shape of scent’ by tong ho



yii at milan design week 2011 ‘lantern’ by tong ho