‘IKEA plus tertial’ silver, plated gold 55 x 20 x 55 cm

taiwanese designer pili wu, in partnership with craft artist jian-an su have created ‘IKEA plus tertial’. here, the IKEA tertial lampshade is given a transparent porcelain cover containing a pattern within – portraying a mythical battlefield of tigers and dragons – all brought to life as if in a fiery inferno, when the light is switched on. wu and su have transformed this typical desk light’s plain bulb into a mysterious fireball.

yii design: 'ikea plus tertial' by pili wu ‘IKEA plus tertial’

yii design: 'ikea plus tertial' by pili wu interior view of the lampshade where mythical tigers and dragons linger image © designboom

‘IKEA plus tertial’ is a result of the project yii, a brand conceived by the taiwan craft research institute, that aims to transform traditional taiwanese crafts and bring them into the contemporary context through design.

dutch designer gijs bakker was invited to be the creative director of ‘yii’. under his direction, these newest works focus on the revival of the increasingly extinct taiwanese craft in contemporary, exploring methods of bamboo work, ceramic, fine silver works, lacquerware, wood carving and other ancient craft processes.