ymer&malta + benjamin graindorge explore the traditional craft of marquetry
limited edition of 8 pieces + 2P + 2 AP
cabinet – marquetry made of 17 original wood essences
L 180 x D 50 x H 120 cm
images courtesy of ymer&malta




after two years of exploring the techniques of marquetry, ymer&malta present ‘marquetry: the sleeping beauty’ — a collection that showcases the resulting work of its creative adventure. at the heart of the family of furniture is ‘cloudinchest’ — a project which the paris-based studio completed with fellow french designer benjamin graindorge. working together with a master craftsman to bring forth the great tradition of french cabinet making, the storage unit visibly reinvents marquetry in a contemporary way. more than 2500 pieces of hand cut wood in different shades form a pixelated pattern across the sideboard’s surface, that expresses the intricacies of the process.

the ‘cloudinchest’  is on show in paris at 44 rue la condamine, 75016 from june 22-26, 2015 from 10AM to 7PM.

ymer & malta marquetry designboom
detail of the more than 2500 hand cut pieces of wood  YMER&MALTA_designboom_004
‘marquetry: the sleeping beauty’ brings the traditional technique into a contemporary context


‘in my skin’ table by ymer&malta and benjamin graindorge

table top detail of the contemporary pattern

cutting out the individual wood pieces by handymer & malta marquetry designboom
a template outlines the placement of the 17 different essences of woodymer & malta marquetry designboom
revealing the marquetry patterning