award-winning designer yongwook seong introduces the ‘pisa’ furniture collection, drawing inspiration from the iconic leaning tower in italy. the resulting design generates a playful arrangement of stackable pieces, including four chairs, and two tables. 

pisa 1
all images courtesy of yongwook seong



the tower is compartmented into six pieces including a centre table (top), four chairs (middle) and a side table (bottom). ‘pisa’ by yongwook seong could be flexibly adapted to any given need and environment: it can be fully stacked as a decorative element or disassembled to furnish the space. for safety measures, the leaning angle of the tower of pisa is adjusted to zero degrees.

pisa 2

pisa 3

pisa 4

pisa 5

pisa 6



project info:


name: pisa
designer: yongwook seong



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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom