yoox.com celebrates eco-sustainable initiative yooxygen in china
images courtesy of yoox.com




designboom attended the exclusive launch of the ‘green power’ project by yooxygen in china, an eco-friendly initiative by the world’s leading online lifestyle store for fashion, yoox.com. celebrated during ‘BJDW beijing design week 2014’, the event unveiled its limited designer mask collection with unique pieces create by four of china’s top fashion designers, masha ma, qiu hao, shangguan zhe and xander zhou.


the masks will be sold on yoox.cn with net proceeds going to ‘the million forest project’ organised by the climate group, china green foundation and the united nations environment programme. the campaign aims to plant millions of sea buckthorn trees in northwest china, to help improve the environment and benefit the region and local people.

designer masha ma uses sweeping ink strokes to create a haunting image of romance and elegance



chinese designer qiu hao explores the duality of the mask in the relationship between fashion and personal space, the world and human life. the designer chose to use a print of the human hand as a visual reminder for the wearer towards their instinct for self-protection, but also the environment.

models zhen li and xinxin chen



each mask from the ‘green-power’ collection is delivered as a part of sustainable set, which includes the washable cover, as well as 2 filter masks, and a 100% cotton pouch. the purchase of one mask set is equivalent to a donation that will be used for planting 5 trees in northwest china.

fashion designer xander zhou wearing his ‘VIP inside’ mask
image © designboom

project designer xander zhou, yoox china country manager mimi vong, and BJDW creative director beatrice leanza

talk between project designer xander zhou and BJDW creative director beatrice leanza

each mask from the ‘green-power’ collection is delivered as a part of sustainable set