Yuichiro Morimoto’s ‘gravity-defying’ domino


Japanese designer Yuichiro Morimoto introduces NOMIDO, a gaming device that reverses the traditional domino effect. Unlike the usual tumbling tiles, NOMIDO plays with physics, making its modules stand tall and stay upright. These modules are made up of small 3D-printed triangles, putting a new spin on the well-known tile-based game style. This creative design even makes you imagine what it’d be like to play dominoes in a gravity-defying world where gravity – almost like a game on the moon.


‘Our planet is currently on the verge of collapse, and some in the U.S. are planning to emigrate to Mars. I personally do not have such power, but I made this domino with the intention of at least thinking of the moon,’ Morimoto says. Please enjoy the strange experience as if you were playing a regular domino in reverse.’ 

nomido 1
NOMIDO is a 3D-printed reversed domino | all images courtesy of Yuichiro Morimoto



NOMIDO: a fresh spin on a classic game


Yuichiro Morimoto’s journey toward the final NOMIDO design involved a series of experiments. The resulting 3D-printed toy features an arrangement of units that interact to push each other upwards. In this way, NOMIDO revitalizes a classic game that many might consider outdated, giving it a fresh spin that gets people curious. The idea behind NOMIDO is to create something that everyone can enjoy, no matter their age. It’s not just for kids or older folks – it’s for everyone.


Morimoto offers his 3D-printed creation for sale through his website, catering to those who prefer a ready-made gaming experience. But that’s not all – he also provides the digital design file for those who want to print and assemble the game themselves.

yuichiro morimoto's 3D-printed triangular domino tiles get up instead of falling down
the triangular modules rise up instead of falling down







project info:


name: NOMIDO
designer: Yuichiro Morimoto



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