yves béhar’s sodastream MIX is set to disrupt the world of mixology




exploring the science of setting just the right amount of pressure to result in an ideal bubbly intensity, yves béhar — who has worked closely with sodastream, leading the development of its water carbonating machines and bottles — recognized that the fizzing application would be well-suited for making cocktails, allowing one to add bubbles to almost any beverage.

sodastream MIX yves behar designboom
the ‘sodastream mix’ has a digital interface connected to an app and bluetooth that heightens the social experience




béhar’s ‘sodastream MIX‘ corresponds to the growing trend for more advanced and professional entertainment devices and products catering to the preparation of food and drink. the concept brings forth a revolutionary appliance for both professional bar tenders and at home cocktail aficionados, that incorporates special technological innovations, not seen in its predecessors.


the machine incorporates a digital interface that provides bluetooth connectivity, which is linked to an app. this feature of the ‘sodastream MIX‘ provides new opportunities for expert bar tenders and sophisticated home users to receive information about mixology, and download cocktail recipes, while also being able to communicate with one another, elevating the social aspect of the experience.
sodastream MIX yves behar designboom
profile of the ‘sodastream mix’




yves béhar on the ‘sodastream MIX’ concept:

a new magic ingredient is coming to drinks, any and all drinks. it’s a simple idea: what if one could add bubbles to almost any beverage?


with the new sodastream mix, any sparkling drink is possible. bubbly martinis, fruit juices, cosmopolitans…the world is full of bubbly possibilities. what makes it all possible is a technological innovation that perfectly calibrates the liquid inside, even if it contains fruit or pulp, enabling them to receive the right amount of intensity and length of carbonation. mix accommodates any sodastream bottle size, and carbonates with a tap of the screen.


additionally, mix is the first sodastream to be connected to the cloud. a smart connected touch screen gives users the option to choose carbonation intensity and peruse recipes for some of the world’s best cocktails and concoctions. a beautiful and intuitive corresponding app lets you go social – share your recipes or see what others from around the world have created to inspire your inner mixologist.


aesthetically, the machine still maintains the same design language as its source and power predecessors – a clean geometry that complements any kitchen environment. a new red color for the screen surround area and a red mixer makes mix stand out from the rest of the range.


to celebrate the unveiling of mix, we have designed the alchemy lounge – a pop-up mixology bar right in the heart of the teatro versace during salone del mobile, the annual design show in milan. the idea of magical transformation for all of our familiar drinks is what inspired the structural diamond-like environment. the bar itself is built like a futuristic spacecraft, with symmetric geometry expressed in different materials: copper, plywood, steel rods and mylar. the inside of the bar is cognizant of a laboratory, where guests can order cocktails they have only dreamt about. completely surrounding the lounge are versace mirrored walls, adding a sense of infinity to the alchemy lounge central environment.


mix opens the door for a new category of beverages, with a connected kitchen appliance unlike anything in existence. beautifully crafted physically and digitally, the machine puts innovation in your hands, and lets you share your creations with the world. because, in the end, who wants a gin&tonic when there is new alchemy opening fresh tasty worlds?’

sodastream MIX yves behar designboom
digital interface of the ‘sodastream MIX’







the ‘sodastream MIX’ and all its cocktail making possibilities, is being unveiled within béhar’s alchemy lounge at milan design week 2015, at teatro versace, in piazza vetra 7, milan. to generate a discussion around the world of cocktail making and ‘the future of the bar’, DESIGNBOOM x SODASTREAM host two talks on april 15th and 16th, from 4-6PM, engaging the protagonists of the design industry and principals of the culinary and mixology world, in a greater dialogue regarding these topics.


the panels will be moderated by designboom editor-in-chief birgit lohmann, with speakers including:

alexander josephson, co-founder of partisans architecture, toronto, who recently completed the interior for bar raval, characterized by carved mahogany interiors;
yves béhar, founder and CEO of fuseproject, san francisco;
carlo cracco, michelin-star chef, and owner of milan’s fashionable ristorante cracco and carlo&camilla cocktail bar and restauarant seen on designboom here);
marcio kogan, founding principal of architecture studio mk27, sao paolo;
carlo ratti, architect, professor at MIT / SENSEable city lab, massachusetts / turin;


the symposiums are free so if you are in town, we encourage you to join us! more information about the DESIGNBOOM x SODASTREAM talks can be found here.


‘sodastream MIX’ exhibition and alchemy lounge open to public all days
april 14 to 17 2015, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
press tour april 13, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm


@ teatro versace
piazza vetra, 7
within the 5vie art + design district in milan