zai & moncler grenoble: merging the expertise of prestigious ski manufacturers zai with the style of mountaineering brand moncler has resulted in a limited-edition ski collection named ‘grenoble’. building upon the many high-performance and high-quality products of zai, the skis have been completely redesigned to create a unique line.  this is highlighted by its unmistakable appeal that is a result of the innovative blend of carbon, steel, aluminum, thermoplastic and rubber materials.

all images courtesy of moncler



at zai’s factory in disentis, switzerland, where designboom previously paid a visit to, the brand’s specially trained artisans craft the patented material with great skill and care. with their expertise, the ‘grenoble’ skis deliver exceptionally high-endurance performance, torsion and stability, which is ideal for both professionals and winter sport enthusiasts. as well, the skis come with a special zai & moncler ‘grenoble’ kit that includes a carrying bag, carbon ski poles with retro leather grips, and a wax set for upkeeping the product’s surface.