žarko bubalo: sustainable wooden bicycles
all images courtesy of žarko bubalo




influenced by shipbuilding and aircraft design, serbian designer žarko bubalo has made two models of wooden bicycles ‘perfect day’ and ‘imagine’. the combination of the natural wood with reinforced glass fiber and epoxy produces a smooth riding experience with a high-level of vibration absorption. the product offers a series of contrasts; traditional and modern technologies, natural and high-tech materials, vision and engineering and experience with innovation. 3D design technologies using a numerically controlled manufacturing process is coupled with passionate and careful handcrafting to create the sustainable wooden bikes.



‘paris design week 2013 ugljesa vrcelj & zarko bubalo’
video courtesy of superdotbg



zarko bubalo: sustainable wooden bicycles
the bicycle frame is based on aircraft and shipbuilding construction



zarko bubalo: sustainable wooden bicycles
CNC manufactured and handcrafted



zarko bubalo: sustainable wooden bicycles
detail of ‘perfect day’ that has had six layers of polyurethane varnish applied



zarko bubalo: sustainable wooden bicycles
designer žarko bubalo with his wooden bike



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