an ar pop-up store with digital-only apparel


The virtual retail experience meets the physical world within the AR pop-up store concept in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood. Augmented reality fashion platform Zero10 has collaborated with creative practice Crosby Studios to create a physical pop-up with digital-only clothing. Here, elements of the digital realm jump into an IRL experience. The interior conceptualized by Crosby features almost nothing physical and accommodates a five-piece virtual collection, available to buy on-site. Designed by Harry Nuriev, founder of Crosby Studios, the digital collection is an explosion of colors, textures, and patterns. Inspired by video games, the series includes a chequered suit, light shirt, pixel leopard hoodie, disappearing pants, and video game trousers. 


Entering the physical store, shoppers will be able to try the virtual items using only their smartphones — through ZERO10’s proprietary AR clothing technology. The idea behind the spatial design was to form an interactive space where visitors could explore and engage with the fashion without being disrupted by physical objects. Thus, common retail infrastructure like cash wraps, decorative furniture, clothing racks, and hangers is absent. Meanwhile, the pop-up concept features tech-forward fitting rooms, a community touchpoint, and even a bubble tea bar for users to gather with friends.zero10 + crosby studios open physical retail store with digital-only clothingall images by ZERO10 x Crosby Studios


a vivid collection that merges virtual reality with real world


Crosby Studios‘ innovative approach to the retail experience joins forces with ZERO10’s cutting-edge technology. Entering the fitting room, guests can try on the digital items by scanning QR codes, leading them to ZERO10’s app (see more here). There, they can sport the pieces in real-time or via a photo by uploading any picture from their gallery to overlay the items and share them on social media. The fitting experience can be enhanced with various special effects, such as disappearing prints and gradients — made possible through AR technology. The collection will be available only in-store for the duration of the pop-up from 7 to 18 of September 2022. Once it closes, the collection will be exclusively available through ZERO10’s app starting on 18 September.


‘This is my first experience working with digital clothes and rather than try to blend the digital with
the physical — to soften the virtual reality aspect of it if you will — I instead sought to celebrate the
digital nature of the collection. Through the prints and patterns selected and specially created, I
wanted to emphasize the virtual-only existence,’ explains Nuriev. ‘It was highly important to me to
reconceptualize the concept of fashion with this limited collection and I aimed to do that by
reinventing the entire retail experience, from store environment and design to the very clothes guests
are able to shop.’zero10 + crosby studios open physical retail store with digital-only clothing



Three of the items will be free of charge for fitting and saving to the digital wardrobes within the app. One special item must be purchased prior to trying on, and the final piece is a limited-edition collection of NFTs, available for purchase at 0,1 ETH (currently 165€) each through the ZERO10 app.


George Yashin, CEO of ZERO10 says, Our project with Crosby Studios is a showcase of how the
design and technology could co-exist in both physical and digital worlds that merge more and more.
We wanted to create a new concept of pop-up space responding to retailers’ needs to attract a new
generation of consumers but also evolving the format of pop-ups that are not about product display
any longer. As ZERO10 is a part of digital fashion, this space with AR technology integrated into it
is aimed to combine metaverse experience with a focus on creation and interaction by bringing it to
the physical world to make it more mainstream. ZERO10 x Crosby Studios project is the first step
towards our innovative AR mirror pop-up product that will be released soon.’

zero10 + crosby studios open physical retail store with digital-only clothing zero10 + crosby studios open physical retail store with digital-only clothing




project info:


name: the ‘physical’ entrance into the metaverse

designers: Crosby Studios

technology by: ZERO10 

location: 138 Wooster Street, NY