‘celeste’ in gunmetal-mono by ziiiro all images courtesy of ziiiro

hong kong-based watch manufacturing company ziiiro has added ‘celeste’ to their collection of modern timepieces. the minimalist wrist watch is composed of two overlapping discs which tell time through their continual movement and changing hues. two disc versions are available, ‘mono’ with shades of blue and ‘colored’ with blue and yellow. in mono, while the deepest blue tells the hour, the lightest shows the minutes. in the colored version, blue represents the hours, while the minutes are in yellow. when the discs overlap, they turn into a bright green.

the face is framed by a matte stainless steel casing and strap. the center logo is colorless and shows depending on the lighting and angles in which it is held. 

ziiiro: celeste watchview of back

ziiiro: celeste watch (left to right) chrome-colored, gunmetal-colored, black-mono 

ziiiro: celeste watch explanation diagram for ‘mono’ 

ziiiro: celeste watch explanation diagram for ‘colored’ 

ziiiro: celeste watchexample of watch in use 

‘ziiiro celeste (gunmetal / mono)’ by ziiiro 

‘ziiiro celeste (gunmetal / colored)’ by ziiiro