ziinlife! presents their autumn collection at furniture china expo 2015




the furniture china 2015 expo brought traditional craftsmanship, alongside product and manufacturing innovations to the stage, covering categories such as outdoor furniture, office furniture, upholstery, machine and raw materials. the annual event focuses on the local asian market, but this year more than 220 overseas brands were represented. in total 3000 enterprises from 25 different countries showcased their wares which highlighted the use of local materials and techniques applied to the realization of contemporary furniture. among these exhibitors was ziinlife! who debuted their autumn collection to the public on this occasion. among the products they presented were the ‘reaching bookshelf’ and ‘greet tea table’.

‘greet tea table’ by ziinlife!




the ‘greet tea table’ draws its function from the activities surrounding tea making culture. the table top and storage unit comprises all of the elements necessary to make a good cup of tea, including a vessel of purified water, cups, and other accessories. the design offers a practical storage solution, combined with an elegant and charming aesthetic. the ‘greet tea table’ embraces new ways to pay tribute to old traditions, and has been conceived to encourage more young people to engage in this historic custom.

‘greet tea table’ offers ample storage room for a container of purified water along with cups and other accessories ziinlife 2015 autumn collection designboom
‘reaching bookshelf’ by ziinlife!




the ‘reaching bookshelf’ offers an interesting interaction between books and a shelf. it is visually defined by an arc-shaped open shelf that appears as if it is being pushed out of its parameters by too many volumes, which at the same time makes your literature easily accessible. an enclosed area, which is reachable via an accordion-style door, prevents dusk, while keeping a room looking neat and tidy.

ziinlife 2015 autumn collection designboom
the ‘reaching bookshelf’ is characterized by an arc-shaped externalziinlife 2015 autumn collection_designboom_006
an accordion-style door keeps your books free of dust and your room looking neat and tidy

technical drawing of the ‘reaching bookshelf’