‘din-ink’ by zo-loft is currently in production by fiftytwoways ltd.

turn your favorite office tool into a common cutlery item! back in 2008, italian-based studio zo-loft (andrea cingoli, cristian cellini, francesca fontana and paolo emilio bellisario) won first prize in the designboom competition ‘dining in 2015’ with their entry ‘din-ink’. after much acclaim, ‘din-ink’ is now in production by fiftytwoways ltd.

the design takes the iconic bic ballpoint pen lid, and re-imagines it as a set of pen caps cum cutlery: a fork, knife and spoon respectively. the product turns common office tools found on any desk into common utensils. now your ballpoints just has a good excuse to be chewed : use them for din-ink. the product is made from food approved materials – non-toxic eating tools, packaged in a 100% biodegradable, compostable wrap! the designers suggest to cut along the dotted line on the package to turn it into a reusable seal bag. available in black and blue, ‘din-ink’ adds a bit of humor to the bad habit of eating at the office.

zo loft's din ink now in production all tops are made by sustainable materials, to be recyclable, non toxic and hygienic. images © designboom‘din-ink’ was shown at maison et objet in paris and is already available at merci in paris and design supermarket at la rinascente in milan.

zo loft's din ink now in production dispensing each set of tops in an easily safe reusable wrapping, the whole set is designed to be environment-friendly.
 images © designboom

zo loft's din ink now in production a set of pen tops that turns your ‘writing tool’ into a knife, fork and spoon during the lunch break. images © designboom

— original design idea submitted to designboom’s competition ‘dining in 2015’:

zo loft's din ink now in production