‘timepiece line-up’, 2008 (porcelain, white earthenware)

zoe cameron recently graduated from bath spa university’s ceramics department. she also holds a degree in archaeology, something that shows through in her ceramic work. she recently participated in new designers where she showcased her unusual creations.

throughout all my work I am interested in how time and emotion can be symbolised
by objects. I enjoy the feeling that life can seem quite surreal- the passing of time
and a playful approach to materials characterises many of my projects


zoe cameron ‘domestic code (i)’ , 2008 (porcelein)

zoe cameron ‘teeth cups (strange day)’, 2008 (porcelein)

zoe cameron ‘fruit bowl’, 2008 (porcelain, hair)

zoe cameron ‘grinder’, 2008 (stoneware, porcelain) & ‘trophy’, 2008 (stoneware, porcelain)

zoe cameron ‘grinder’, 2008 (stoneware, porcelain)

zoe cameron ‘trophy’, 2008 (stoneware, porcelain)