the di rosso range by renzo rosso / diesel

last week diesel founder renzo rosso began selling his wine and olive oil products online from the diesel farm website. previously the wine had only been distributed exclusively among a selection of the top restaurants and retailers. the rosso di rosso, bianco di rosso and nero di rosso wines, and olive oil are all made at the diesel farm located in the marostica hills near rosso’s hometown of bassano. ‘the design of the bottles reflects diesel’s commitment to originality and innovation, while respecting the history of winemaking. the classic madeira-style bottles are hand numbered and the name of the contents is stamped directly on the glass.’

diesel's online wine store selection of wines from the francis coppola winery

wine production certainly seems to be a satisfying sideline with figures from the design and arts industries, movie director francis ford coppola and advertising art director gavino sanna also make their own exclusive wines that are highly regarded among wine critics.

diesel's online wine store mesa wine from sardinia is the brain child of gavino sanna

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