NIKE (burger) air max 90 by olle hemmendorff




swedish illustrator/ designer olle hemmendorff was commissioned, together with 7 other creatives (patrik söderstam, hanna wieslander, marguerite seger, jonas wiehager and fredrik skogkvistby) by nike to interpret a nike sportswear icon. hemmendorff created a burger sculpture of nike’s ‘air max 90′.’in the tradition of material innovation of AM 90, I constructed a running shoe using the most powerful, must durable and most delicious material known to man: hamburger.‘ OH the 8 artworks will be shown at the 1912 space inside sneakers ‘n’ stuff, stockholm for the next two months.


olle hemmendorff: sneakers ‘n’ stuff: nike sportswear: — via vice | today & tomorrow

if your wondering what the piece might look like uncooked see adam brandejs’ ‘flesh shoe’.