WHEN: SEPTEMBER 18, 2019, at 11:00am.
WHERE: somerset house, east wing / strand, london, WC2R 1LA.


fuksas' infinity installation at IFA 2019 for LG SIGNATURE literally reflected the endless possibilities of the brand's technology and design, but how do these two fields intertwine and especially in contemporary design? open from september 18-21, 2019 in somerset house during the london design festival, a further exhibition by LG SIGNATURE explores the theme of 'art inspired technology, technology completes art'. however, this time, the topic will be discussed through an expert lecture and panel on september 18 including studio fuksas and other prominent creatives.


titled the masters’ talk, the event at 11am, september 18, somerset house is headlined by a lecture with massimiliano and doriana fuksas of studio fuksas, after which massimiliano will join a panel with UVA’s matt clark, antoine preziuso, one of the world’s top luxury watch experts, and chung wookjun, head of home appliance and air solution design lab at LG electronics. here, they will share insights from their own fields of work on the relationship between art and technology. furthermore, it will identify new perspectives on how the interaction between these two subjects can bring masterpieces to life.


LG SIGNATURE's exhibition at somerset house runs from september 18-21 and showcases their latest line-up of premium products too, including the OLED TV W, french door refrigerator and bottom-freezer refrigerator, wine celler, washer & dryer, air purifier and air conditioner.


experience the union of art and technology - we look forward to seeing you there!

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