pumpkin boy backdrop of californian center of abnormal arts




halloween is widely celebrated and hectically commercialized all over the world. the history behind it is backed up by several different theories – ranging from commemorating the day that the spirits of the dead are given a chance to roam the earth again, preparing for the change of season which sees evil spirits being released, to retaliating against the dead who become a danger to the living on the 31st of october as they bring illness and ruin the harvest…halloween is also a great opportunity to have fun with DIY pumpkin projects.eyes made out of two triangles. nose of one triangle, but inverted. mouth: zigzags.how simple the task of pumpkin carving once was.today’s halloween lanterns art demands photorealism and high tech application.



annual pumpkin faces farmer grows pumpkins with human faces (jan, 1938) source: popular sciencewall street pumpkin carving




annual pumpkin faces pumpkin faces by american artist ray villafane see the tutorial



annual pumpkin faces drunken pumpkins see more


annual pumpkin faces the AGM pumpkin competition is an annual contest, deadline oct 31th.



annual pumpkin faces a louis vuitton rapper version



annual pumpkin faces halloween apps (credit: screenshot by don reisinger/CNET) carve a virtual pumpkin with ‘halloweenbuilder



annual pumpkin faces pac man pumpkin art via boing boing



annual pumpkin faces DIY project of a pumpkin with glowing LED eyes that will light up automatically when it gets dark



annual pumpkin faces game on see more



it is a relatively easy way to to take a photo of yourself, a friend, or a random celebrity and carve them into a jack-o-lantern. see the tutorial



annual pumpkin faces steve jobs was created by djRyan



annual pumpkin faces a pumpkin portrait of president obama by lisa berberette



annual pumpkin faces from last year’s campaign (not only faces)



annual pumpkin faces illuminated pumpkin ice cubes