out now! dental dots® – the essential partygoer’s accessory. a new patented product to help end the embarrassment of food getting trapped between your teeth while away from home. all one has to do is stick the pad on your fingertip and brush your teeth with it, water or rinsing is not necessary. packaged in 6 and 18 dots in peppermint or spearmint flavor.  the disposable fuzzy, dime-sized nylon pads covered with toothpaste and backed with adhesive first stuck around in 1992, the invention of the bob stoltzfus, whose twin brother, john, has run the dental dots corporation since 1995. more fingertip toothbrush inventions http://www.delphion.com/details?pn10=US04292705 http://www.delphion.com/details?pn=US05213428 http://www.delphion.com/details?pn10=US04875247 via daily candy