interview with elio fiorucci



designboom (DB): since you certainly pay attention to women’s fashion, do you have any preferences?


elio fiorucci (EF): I am more fascinated by modernity, by someone who communicates something newthrough clothing. I think it is true that clothes tell you something about a person, and about their modernness.



DB: what kind of men’s clothes would you never wear?

EF: I don’t like to go to parties in a tuxedo, it bothers me. I think that when a man needs tofeel at ease, when he is physically comfortable he is also spiritually comfortable.



DB: do you have any pets?

EF: no, I love animals but it seems like making them suffer, the relationship betweenpeople and animals is very complex. if you love animals you become a victim, because it is as if they were your children.