1 minute washing machine

1 minute washing machine by jung hyun cho from korea

designer's own words:

In the future, more people will live by themselves and live on a busy life. I suggest a washing machine that finishes laundry in a minute. The basic design motive comes from the human ‘intestine’ (stomach, small intestine, and large intestine) that manages digestion of food. Corporate identity also is an important factor, so that I took ‘E’ from Electrolux as the design motive.

When laundry is put in, it goes through a certain cycle like a relay-race and the washing completes. It is a no-soap washing machine that operates without harmful chemicals which pollutes the environment. Rather, it runs with water changed by electronic decomposition, breaks down protein, washes clothes with great water pressure, eliminates water with vacuum cleaner, and lastly disinfect with ultraviolet sterilizer. All of these processes completes within a minute. Lights appear as the clothes move around, and the ultraviolet wave leaks so that it adds on to the interior beauty of the house.