a leisure bike trailer

a leisure bike trailer by gi yoon kim from korea

designer's own words:

We live in the world that is in the spotlight as leisure activities.
In this point of view, we need a bicycle that we can carry various luggage saftly and easily.
Some bicycles have trailers, but they are fixed somewhere in the bicycles. This bicycle called 'Leisure bike trailer' has a special trailer. We can transform this trailer according to the situation how much luggage we want to load. This bicycle is transformed in the two types ; Two-wheelers and three-wheelers type.
Two-wheel type is used in the situation when you don't have any luggage. When you turn the lever of this bicycle, the two front wheelers become one and you can enjoy ride actively and freely.
Three-wheel type is used in the situation when you have luggage. When you turn the lever in the opposite direction, the trailer is spreaded below and two front wheelers are separated on both sides. So you can carry luggage saftly and easily.