adrian candela.  inverso door handle.

adrian candela. inverso door handle. by adrian candela from usa

designer's own words:

for the design of “inverso”, i played with the idea of user interaction, integrating softer materials such as the wood and modifying the shapes in an attempt to give the door handler a unique experience.

the brackets to attach this handle to a door are meant to complement the twisting wooden figure without detracting from the overall composition. the design of the handle brackets allows for a smoother and more conscious interaction between the user and the hardware. the wider opening on each side of the brackets is meant to direct the users hand to this side and in doing so dictates their approach.

the final model was created from a piece of black walnut for the shaft and polystyrene for the brackets. the plastic is left in its original color for the visual contrast it creates with the wood, though ultimately it would be made out of cast aluminum or steal. the inverse triangle shapes are milled and the opposing faces are joined by carefully sanding from one plane to another.


inverso_2.jpg setting

inverso_3.jpg design process

inverso_4.jpg brackets