Agni :Agni : utensilS set for induction cooking.

Agni :Agni : utensilS set for induction cooking. by vandenbussche gregoire from france

designer's own words:

Future is in search to decrease energy consuming.
Thanks to the 90% energy efficiency of induction cooking, with Agni,
you will use less energy because the dish is not warmed itself but from the
inside of the meal.
More and more people are in search of quick eating, with Agni, you can speed
up by two the time to cook a steak,
with an induction pan, simply put a Pebble over your steak, it will be
warmed on both sides.
Thanks to the ceramic Pebble with magnetic inox metal insert,
your meals stay warm longer if you donĂ­t eat on your Agni induction table.
The induction table give you the opportunity to cook and eat at the same
With the Staves, you can warm quickly any liquids, it acts like a boiler,
directly warm up the liquid,
not the dish, so you can use your mug or a glass directly on the induction
table, the mug is only warmed by the liquid,
avoiding burns.
If you really need to cook faster, you can simply add more Pebble or Stave
in your preparation.
Feel free to use Agni!!