air wash

air wash by wendy chua from singapore

designer's own words:

Air Wash is a waterless washing machine which uses negative ions, anti-bacterial deodorants and highly pressurized air to clean clothes.

The air jet washing technology is inspired by the beating action of clothes against river rocks in days gone by. Negative ions aids this air jet action by clumping dust, inactivating bacteria and neutralising odours.

Wearing the clothes after air wash, one is drenched with negative ions, which has proven health benefits such as improved blood circulation and anti-depressant properties.

Air Wash provides a new means to clean clothes in a gentler but effective way, eliminating water wastage and detergent use while preserving the quality and color of clothes. It is especially relevant for jeans, jackets, wool and non-washable textiles.

Marrying technology and an emotive user experience through an intuitive buttonless interface, it aims to humanise the washing machine into a symbol of holistic living.

Its form is inspired by the fluidity of a waterfall - nature's negative ion generator, and we hope to bring this essence of natural cleansing and purification into the home of 2020.

The form of Air Wash is inspired by the waterfall, nature’s negative ion generator and regenerator. Its button-less interface is intriguing yet intuitively simple, humanizing the often mechanical experience when handling household appliances.

airwash_2.jpg Air Wash has a playful appeal and its form and interface makes it friendly for both young and old. It carves a new role for itself as a lifestyle appliance that is a symbol of wellbeing.

airwash_3.jpg Air passes through an ionic filter and is compressed for the intelligent air jets to clean the clothes through cross-action, pulsation and sweeps.