arc by chris van niekerk from south africa

designer's own words:

arc is a door handle that had at its conception nothing more than a lump of white clay, and an insistence that it should be comfortable and responsive to the hand before pleasing the eye. 3-dimensional computer modelling or styling was eschewed in favour of the physicality of an immediate and real-size prototype. the realisation that a door handle is really just a device, which converts the standard square pin located in the bearing hole of the standard mechanical parts into a form that facilitates ease of rotation, using the hand. accordingly the shank of the handle takes on a rectangular form at its meeting with the circular rose as a reminder of this orthogonal geometry and is then tapered and turned through 90 degrees and twists to create the free-formed grip. arc-like lines are the natural evolution of moulding the clay prototype in the hand, culminating in the prominent top surface with its concaved lines into which the web between the thumb and hand fits snugly. the pads of the fingers fold comfortably around, coming to rest on the flattened underside of the handle, a result of the plastic quality of the prototype material during manufacture.

the handle will be manufactured in brass with the option of either a chrome or zirconium stainless-steel hps finish; a standard 45mm diameter escutcheon plate in the same finish will accompany the handle-set. the result is a handle that ensures ease of manufacture and robustness.


shank_to_grip_conversion.jpg shank to grip conversion

scale_of_handle.jpg scale of handle

view_from_underside.jpg view from underside

view_from_above.jpg view from above

copy_8_dimensions.jpg dimensions