Aviator by robert hall from usa

designer's own words:

i first began this competition not really knowing what was actually going to come to pass. my first models were very generic forms mostly to get the correct dimensions. later I moved into a study of how people interact with door handles and ergonomics that correspond. The next part was the most fun. once i got basics of the door handle i began to explore design options mostly out of clay and wood models. Getting closer to the end, my designs seemed to more and more resemble a wing. a few models later i finally had it. aviator was born! the model shown is made out of wood and coated with primer and paint to give the metallic finish.

Orthographic Presentation

copy_22_final_1.jpg Presentation 1

copy_21_final_2.jpg Presentation 2

copy_14_final_3.jpg Handle on Door

final_dimensions.jpg Dimensions