b dynamic

b dynamic by andy lam from canada

designer's own words:

b-dynamic is a central type of radiator with mini fans to maximize the efficiency of the convection without any extra energy cost. It consists of a set of conventional, bent tubings and several mini turbine units.

Each mini turbine unit is mounted on the lower end of the tubing. It consists of a translucent glass tubing, a turbine blade, 2 sets of magnets, a fan, and a set of LED light. The turbine blade is assembled in the translucent glass tubing. Both ends of the turbine shaft are assembled with a magnet. The magnets spin as the turbine blade is driven to spin by the running water in the glass tube.

The magnet assembled on the lower end of the shaft is to attract and drive the magnet ring, which is co-injected in the fan. The fan is mounted on the lower end of the glass tubing. As the result, the fan is driven to spin by the magnetic attraction generated from the spinning magnet on the shaft. The spinning fan then drives the air upward and maximize the convection. The fan will keep spinning without noise, and with a low torque, safe speed as long as the water is running.

On the upper end of the glass tubing, a stator is assembled concentric to the upper magnet, which is assembled on the upper end of the shaft. As the magnet on the shaft spins concentric to the stator, electricity is generated to power 3 LED lights, which will light up the entire glass tubing.

b-dynamic is the radiator of the future. It is able to maximize its efficiency , and at the same time providing the end users a radiator with the dynamic feel and cyber look.


radiator_14_02.jpg detail1

radiator_14_03.jpg detail2