balance by mr.sheep from taiwan

designer's own words:

It is a sense of equilibrium of everything, balance. To keep circulation of its loop, like water circle, heat circle or even karma. I try to design a vase an unbalance image when the its balance loop is broken. Try to make things communicate by itself like they have their own sense.

The glass body would become more vertical by more weight of water inside, like a seesaw. Whenever the vase is become slant, the balance is broken, we know it is time to refilled.

Sense is to feel the idea or meaning of things. This is design try to visualize the feeling of flower and vase. Once the water inside become empty, the balance of life circle is gone. Then the vase lean down to explain the unbalance situation. The cooper base keep it stable and stop the glass body in vertical when it is full.

Inspired by SOZU (shishiodoshi) in Japanese garden. By the action of filling and pouring water by bamboo, an nature communication is happened. Form the image, I want to recreate a communication between human and stuffs, make the feeling of things sensible.

how it work
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