Balloon by baccarne bart from belgium

designer's own words:

"Balloon" is a street light, powered by a wind turbine, giving local energy to a circle of LED-lights. The turbine with vertical axis is more silent and safer than the ones with wings. Its morphology in combination with the lamp evokes a balloon, which is a pleasant and recognizable icon in the street.
When turning, the 3 vanes will appear as one closed spherical corpus, due to the movie-effect.
The vanes are made of biopregs, a vegetal composite of PLA (from corn) as matrix, filled with natural fibres: flax or linen
(as stiff as glass fiber composites but cheaper, lighter and greener, tripled strength of hard wood, suitable for outdoor applications and has resistance to water, chemicals, UV light, and is industrially biodegradable).
The typical cross section (like a aeroplane wing) is obtained by high pressure vacuum forming.
To small Savonius wind turbines are build in inside the Darrieus turbine, because the latter can't start at it's own.


balloon.pad.kl.kl.jpg Balloons in streets, parks and squares

balloon.detail.kl.jpg Detail